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Social security regulation

  • Retirement of female engineers who are mothers of young children in accordance with the statute 3803/2010
  • IKA/EPIKAYP case
  • Codification of the governing legislation of the Army Pension Fund
  • Authorisation of clinics – nursing homes (Serres region)
  • Cases of medical doctors in the context of the Public Health System (pension, allowances, salaries, regulation of service)
  • Issues on pharmacy sharing lodgings with national insurance institution’s office (IKA) in the region of Korydallos
  • Distance requirements between pharmacies in the same region according to the old and new legislative package and during the transitional period (interpretation of the article 13 para2 of the statute 3457/2006)
  • Cases before the Council of State on method of measurement of distance required between pharmacies
  • Notice of termination of contracts between pharmacies and insurance funds
  • Appeals against normative administrative acts concerning price – fixing in pharmacies and distortion of competition
  • Transnational administrative acts on pharmaceuticals’ disputes